Benefits of Soccer Exercise for Children

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For many years soccer has cemented its hold as the most popular sport in the world. Everyone right from adult, teenagers and kids participate in this wonderful game in one way or the other. For children, soccer means exercising, being physically fit and socialising which forms the core interest of a growing child. My parents are getting engaged in kid’s soccer and this is a good gesture because they want the best for their children who in engaging in soccer get a lot of benefits.

There are many benefits for children playing soccer the most obvious one being to increase their level of fitness and teaching the kids the benefits of taking regular exercises.


Soccer usually involves a lot of aerobic and anaerobic game that includes many cardiovascular exercises, getting your kid engaged in this game help the child develop and maintain a stronger heart and lungs as they grow. Such exercises are instrumental in keeping the child socially and physically active as well as preventing non-communicable diseases such as heart-related complications.
The benefits of soccer playing go beyond the physical aspects enrolling your kids in sports is also a great hobby to help the child develop his/ her social skills. It helps the child shape and expands the child’s thinking in relation to the world around him. For instance, if you enrolled your child in a soccer training camp the child will learn a lot first the camps are usually congested with many kids with different social, economic or even cultural background. The kids will have a chance to interact with all the people and develop a sense of social unity.

Soccer is also instrumental in promoting the kids confidence and self-image.


Football is largely a social game and one feature that makes this game different from other sports is the total reliance on teamwork and the recognition of the other player as an important cohesive unit needed for success. Unlike in sports like baseball or where the player is required to bat or pit alone soccer is a game where the success of a team is based on cooperation rather than a single player. This makes the less active child work hard for self-determination and towards making a constructive contribution towards the general success of their team.
The competitive nature of soccer is also beneficial to the development of a child, it gives the kids something to strife and teaches them the aspect of competition which is part of the human nature. It is usually the wish of any member of a team to be the one receiving a medal or lifting the cup and for a player to work out to that level they must be dedicated and submit towards achieving their goals and that is what exactly soccer teaches the young ones.
Lastly, soccer also is beneficial for young children in that it teaches the kids endurance and self-discipline. A standard soccer match usually lasts for 90+ minutes it requires real endurance and strong will for a player to push through to the last minute. Mental toughness is also required in the field and any miscalculation never tolerated so the games need a lot of self-discipline for the child to successfully participate in the sport.