Soccer Positions – Find the Right One


Are you wondering which soccer playing position is right for you? Or are you a soccer coach who is looking up to position for your players for a more effective team? Soccer position for starters can be perplexing. It is especially true given the different jargon you often hear in the field but fail to understand just because you are new to the game.

If you do spend most of your time wondering what exact positions players should be or what they should be doing at their positions, here is a guide on various soccer positions and the minimum quality that you require to play in that particular position.

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I will like to start by stating that there are no hard and fast laws used upon choosing soccer playing positions but each position has a set of qualities that are used to find the right player for each position. So, here we are going to outline various soccer positions and the qualities a player should have in order to play in that particular position.


The full-back position.

Players playing at this position are usually fast players who have the ability to focus on different activities at ago. This way they can watch the movement of the ball as well as keep track the opponent against bypassing them. The players should also have good marking skills it is the only way they will be able to effectively defend given that this is a defensive position.

Defensive midfielders.

This position sees a lot of action which implies that players playing in this position should have incredible stamina and have great ball control abilities. Ball controlling will enable them to effectively receive the ball make accurate passes. This position is sometimes referred to as midfield anchor position players playing at this position despite playing at the mid of the pitch primarily play as defenders.

Offensive midfield position.

This position includes payers playing at the central midfield and attacking positions. They are usually the chief organizer of the midfield and act as a link between the defenders and the striking team. Players in this position should be well-rounded and good at multi-tasking. In a field full of opposing opponents it requires a great deal of foot working when playing at this position. To effectively play at this position you need to be a fast thinker and be quick in making decisions.

Forward position.

Forward players are responsible for receiving the ball and passing it on to attacker or strikers. To play at this position you should possess a number of abilities that include but not limited to, high speeds, maneuverability and equally poses defensive skills.


Players in this position spend most of their time on the offensive end or the end of the midfield. Playing at this position a player should have good striking abilities and be guaranteed to score whenever a chance arises.


Without the efforts of a fearless soccer goalkeeper there not much, a soccer team can do. Soccer goalkeeper is the only players allowed to use their hands while playing. To play at this position player should possess diving abilities and be flexible enough. Most importantly goalkeepers should have strong leadership skills.